In our offer you can find adhesive tapes produced by SMART company (acrylic and solvent) as well as solvent TESA adhesive tapes. Moreover we can also offer double-sided adhesive SMART tapes available in several different sizes, perfect for carpets and floor lining as well as TESA Powerbond tape and Powerstrips. Acrylic adhesive tapes are produced on a basis of water acrylic glue and are suitable for smooth and slippery surface and a plus value temperatures. In our offer you can find acrylic tapes in several different colours like typical transparent and brown-grey but also green, red, yellow, white, orange, black or blue. The solvent adhesive tapes are produced from natural rubber glue. These tapes are suitable not only for smooth and slippery surface but also the porous one. The solvent tapes are moisture-resistant and can be applied in a minus value temperatures. They are very durable and have really strong glue. We offer transparent and brown-grey solvent tapes. In order to meet all the customers' expectations we can provide our clients with a wide range of sizes of the tapes as well as different types of tape dispensers helping to use the tapes effectively. What is important the full boxes of tapes can be offered including special discount.

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