The Orient Collection papers are exotic papers from our newest India collection. The paper is handmade and the base material is natural cotton. Ornamental papers from The Orient Collection are available in a wide range of colours from white and ecru, through pink, red and green to deep black. The base of product is mat or metallic paper decorated by patterns of flowers, laces or tiny strips. The decorative patterns are printed or embossed on a paper and are available in different colours � silver, gold, black, turquoise and pink. The ornamental paper from The Orient Collection are available also with embossing such as small roses, plaiting or scale in several different colours not only metallic but also mat. In this collection you can find uncoated white mat papers with printing or colourful flowers, leaves and oriental ornaments as well. The original product in this group is the paper with laces pattern simlar to suede or velvet. The wide variety of patterns visible in several dozen of papers makes everyone finds something suitable.

The Orient Collection papers are available for our clients in two basic sizes: 56x76cm and 18x25cm in packets of 5 sheets. The grammage of paper is about 140-150g with tolerance of +/-10% because of a handmade production.

The Orient Collection papers can be succesfully applied to different types of wedding decorations as well as occassional cards and invitations, envelopes inserts, decoupage, elegant packaging materials and scrapbooking.

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