Constellation Snow/Ivory

Constellation is textured decorative paper made from environmentally friendly ECF pulp and certified with FSC certificate. The paper is one-sided embossed and available in two shades � snow or ivory and several grammages depending on texture � 240g for raster and 170g or 130g for tela. For a special customer's order we can also provide other grammages � 90g, 130g, 200g, 280g, 350g or 400g for snow and 200g or 240g for ivory. The texture of the paper is very delicate that makes the application really wide. Constellation is suitable for laser, ink-jet, offset and screen printing as well as typhography and thermography. Moreover the paper can be easily processed in different ways like cutting, bending, gluing, embossing etc. Constellation is perfect for unique invitations and occasional cards as well as business cards, advertising materials, diplomas, menus, boxes and many others.

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