Kreative envelopes are smooth coloured decorative envelopes produced by our company from high quality Kreative paper of 120g. The envelopes are stiff, exceptionally elegant and available in our offer in two most popular formats C6 and DL. Kreative envelopes can be found in eight deep, intensive, juicy colours like mandarin, apple, sun, ruby, bordeux, magenta, lavender and mocca. The envelopes are coloured both outside and inside, but in opposite to Sirio Color envelopes, are not so smooth and nice to the touch. Kreative envelopes have trapeze shape of closing flap and HK type of sealing – self-adhesive strip. The envelopes make a huge impression on our clients due to beautiful colours and high quality. Kreative envelopes are perfect for occasional cards, invitations and important correspondence.

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