According to the producer of a paper, Majestic means �luxury�. Majestic papers are extremely elegant and exclusive collection of decorative papers produced by Italian papermill � Favini. The paper has pearl and metallic surface that makes it looks unique. Majestic is perfect for weeding stationery like invitations, thanks, guests books or prestigious correspondence. The paper can also help to create postive and distinctive corporate image. In our regular offer Majestic is available in 120g or 250g and for some colours also 290g (we can provide all the colours in 290g for a special customer's order). The paper can be found in wide range of colours from white and �cru to deep red, green or blue as well as gold and silver. Due to an original look Majestic is suitable for all works demanding highest quality and uniqueness like diplomas, folders, annual reports, decorative bags, busines cards, office paper and many others. The paper can be printed using different printing techniques like offset, typography or screen printing. Majestic can also work well with xerox, ink-jet and laser printers. The paper can be embossed, laminated, cut, bent, glued, bound etc.

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