Letter envelopes are very wide category of office envelopes. In this group you can find envelopes in following formats: C6, DL, C5, B5, C4, B4 and C3. Envelopes can be devided in accordance with the type of gluing. We can distinguish SK, HK and NK envelopes. SK – self-adhesive envelopes - the glue is placed on the top and bottom flap and joining the flaps together close the envelope. HK – envelopes with self-adhesive strip- the glue is placed under a strip and envelope is sealed after removing the strip. NK – wet sealed envelopes – the glue is placed on the flap and envelope is sealed by getting the glue wet and pressing. Letter envelopes are made from paper of grammages from 80g to 100g. Most of white envelopes are produced from offset paper and additionally protected grey or blue underprint so as not to the content be read by someone unauthorized. In our offer you can find envelopes with window as well. The standard window's dimensions are 45x90mm and it can be located on the right or left side of envelope. Our offer of letter envelopes is expanded on SK envelopes of high whiteness and grammage with blue underprint- Super Print (M65 and M5 envelope). This kind of envelopes is dedicated especially to business clients who want the best quality of printouts (of logo etc.) The envelopes work well with different types of printers, and the high whiteness guarantees perfect colours rendition.

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