Pollux paper is xerox paper dedicated not only to black and white but also coloured ink-jet and laser printers as well as all types of xerox devices. The same as Polspeed, Pollux is produced in Poland by International Paper company but well-known also abroad. In opposite to Polspeed, Pollux paper has higher whiteness and smoothness that makes it more exclusive. Pollux is the highest quality in the best price. The paper provides long-lasting and failure-free functioning of machines. The optimal stiffness protects paper against getting stuck in devices. The Color Lok technology makes the printouts dry fast and remain non-blurred. All the colours and blacks are deep and intensive. Pollux is environmentally friendly and awarded by EU Ecolabel and FSC certificates. The paper is often applied to printing of external correspondence, presentations with colourful charts etc. We can offer the paper in 80g and standard A4 format ream wrapped (500 sheets/ream).

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