Prisma is a high quality acid-free decorative paper produced by well-known Italian papermill � Favini. Prisma coloured paper is one-sided smoothly textured that makes the surface perfect for pastels or charcoal drawing. The paper is available in B1 (70x100cm) and A4 format. Prisma in white colour can be also two-sided embossed with a delicate felt texture and you can find it in our offer in 100g, 120g, 160g, 220g, 250g and 300g. Coloured Prisma paper is available in our offer in 220g and wide range of 27 different colours from light pastels to deep and intesive. The paper is dedicated to artists for painting and drawing using dirfferent techniques (pastels, ink, charcoal, collage etc). Prisma is awarded with FSC certificate.

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