Smooth coloured envelopes are one of the types of decorative envelopes. This kind of envelopes is available in a wide range of colours and produced with an extreme care. The envelopes are smooth – they do not have any texture ( like linen) and metallic glow. Our coloured envelopes are made form highest quality decorative paper produced by well-known papermills like Favini or Fedrigoni. The commonly chosen by our clients are brands like: Burano, Sirio Color, Design, Kreative or Apla. The smooth coloured envelopes are available in different types of closing (different shapes of closing flaps and types of gluing), sizes and colours starting from pastels and ending on intensive shades including deep black. What is important for almost every envelope we can recommend you the matching paper. In our offer you can find the exact envelope you need. Invitation, occasional card or important correspondence sent or handed in a beautiful coloured envelope for sure make all recipients extremely impressed.

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