Metallic and pearl decorative envelopes are together with metallic paper our most prestigious assortment group. These envelopes make a correspondence unique and aristocratic. We can devide metallic envelopes in accordance with a few parameters like format and paper of which envelopes are made. Formats available are C7 (81 x 114 mm), C6 (114 x162 mm), DL (110 x 220 mm), PA2 (90 x140 mm), K3 (105x155 mm), K4 (156 x 156 mm), K4 (170 x170 mm) and C5 (162 x 229mm). The most popular brands of metallic envelopes are Sirio Pearl, Majestic, Galaxy or Stardream. Metallic pearl envelopes makes business correspondence, occasional invitations and cards unusual and elegant as well as can be original additions to vouchers, gift cards etc.

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