Decorative envelopes with a trapeze shape of closing flap are the widest, most diverse and modern group of envelopes. In this category you can find different formats of envelopes made from various kinds of papers. Trapeze closing envelopes include matt and pearl envelopes available in a wide range of colours from white, through pastels and intensive juicy colours up to brown and deep black. The envelopes we offer are partially produced by well-known papermills like Fedrigoni or Arjo Wiggins, however most of them are made for you by ourselves. Netuno company take a special care during production to provide you with the best quality of product. Envelopes with a trapeze type of closing are available in 2 types of gluing: HK – self-adhesive strip and NK – wet sealed closing. This kind of envelopes is perfect as an addition to wedding invitations, occasional cards as well as business or private correspondence.

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