Apla are smooth coloured decorative envelopes made from one-sided coloured Amber paper – the envelopes are white inside. Apla is a series of a little bit thinner and cheaper envelopes in relation to other coloured envelopes we offer, nevertheless they are still elegant and often chosen by our clients. The grammage of Apla envelopes is 80g that is the same as standard office paper. The envelopes are available in B6 format (12x17,5cm) so they are a little bit bigger than standard letter envelopes. We are providing our customers with Apla envelopes in eight colours: light red, yellow, orange, pink, light blue, blue, light green and cream. All Apla envelopes have couvertic shape of closing flap and NK type of gluing – wet sealed. The envelopes are perfect for all who need beautiful coloured envelopes in very attractive price. Apla envelopes are suitable for all types of invitations and occasional cards.

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