Eko Kraft

Eco Kraft paper is an ecological two-layered paper. The top layer are unwhitened fibres coming form coniferous trees and the base are high quality recycling fibres and unwhitened primary coniferous trees' fibres. Eco Kraft papers we offered are awarded by PEFC� or FSC certificates. Eco Kraft paper works with all types of printers and can by printed in different printing techniques. We offer Eco Kraft paper in 100g, 170g, 250g and 300g. The paper is nowadays very popular and often applied to invitations, occasional cards, business cards, bags, menus, diplomas, vouchers, advertising and packing materials as well as an artist's paper for passe-partout and scrapbooking. Eko Kraft paper can be also used to origami or quiling. What is more our clients can find in our offer perfeclty matched envelopes, made from the same 100g paper, in different formats in order to create a beautiful stationery.

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