Kreative decorative envelopes are envelopes produced by us from high-quality Kreative paper with a weight of 120g. Kreative envelopes are stiff and very elegant, and we offer them to our customers in the two most popular sizes C6 and DL. Kreative envelopes have very distinctive colours. They come in eight extremely saturated and intense colours, i.e. orange, burgundy, yellow, dark pink, green, red, purple and brown. Kreative envelopes are coloured both inside and out, but unlike Sirio Color envelopes, they are not as slippery and smooth. Kreative envelopes have a trapezoidal-shaped closing flap and the adhesive method is a removable adhesive strip - HK closure. Kreative envelopes are sure to catch the eye with their beautiful and original colours and very careful workmanship. Correspondence, invitations and cards sent or presented in such an envelope are sure to impress the recipient.

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